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I met Elisha during her visit to Paris two years ago. She came to dinner in my restaurant with her friends and asked to speak with me in private. I was reluctant but was curious to know what she had to tell me.

Once we stepped away from the other clients, Elisha told me about my crisis as if she knew me before. She told me about a family secret from generations that in fact my mother and my grandmother also had. I was surprised because I never shared this with no one, not even with my husband.

It was the first time I had seen Elisha and the other people in my restaurant. Elisha gave me her contact to follow up with her for the help needed. Above all Elisha asked me to forgive myself and others which I did. She helped as a friend and now I am free, enjoy my marriage.

I am Muslim and servant practicing Islam and now know that God has no boundaries.


Myriam M

I contacted Elisha at Sopheeyah Gardens via a friend she helped previously. I made the phone call because I was having a serious crisis in my marriage with my ex-husband who asked for a divorce and was looking to save my marriage through prayers.

I was surprised when Elisha asked me twice if I wanted to be a mother? I said \ »Yes\ » and asked her why the question? Elisha told me that my current husband will not be able to conceive and has no intention to adopt either. It was true!

I was surprised that she knows. In fact we had fertility tests done a year earlier and my husband was the \ »problem\ ». My ex gave me the divorce and I met someone, conceived and gave birth to a beautiful girl three years ago.


Jackie S

I contacted Elisha because my family was in a serious crisis. My marriage was falling apart and my two sons were having difficulties finding their paths in life. My youngest felt less interest in education and dropped out of college. My oldest, upon graduation, was completing enlisting in the Navy or having a career in corporate America.

Elisha showed me prayers not only to save my marriage and also prayers for my son to have confidence and focus with school. She told me that she saw my oldest son in a blue uniform, that he should enlist in the Navy. My younger son graduated from college, got a job and my oldest son is now in the Navy.


Chritina P

Elisha has helped me and my family for many years in different ways. She has taught us how to pray better and understand our Bible more. She has helped us through some tough times from health to love problems . She has actively prayed over me and my family many times thru the years, and it’s made such an impact on us as a family. We consider her like part of our family. She can zero in on the root of something and tell you steps in how to help with God and scripture . We love her!


BK Family

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