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3 Movies to Inspire Your Spiritual Self-Exploration Journey 08 / Oct / 2021

In 2020, nearly 800 movies were released in the US and Canada alone. However, only a handful of these movies were able to move the audiences and inspired them to make positive changes in their lives.

Good writing and directing can make movies compelling enough to make the viewers question themselves and inspire them to take action and discover themselves.

Certain movies inspire the audiences to make better life choices while others can make even the toughest critics go on a spiritual self-exploration journey like the characters on the big screen.

These movies are not produced just for entertainment purposes their main objective is to stir the audiences and have a significant effect on the viewer.

Keep reading this blog to learn more about some movies you can watch that can guide and help you to get started on your spiritual self-exploration journey.

Movie # 1: Eat, Pray, Love

This movie explores the character of Liz Gilbert, played by Julia Roberts. Liz Gilbert is a successful journalist with luxuries many could only wish for. She has money, a beautiful house, a stable job, and a sweet husband—all the ingredients deemed by society to lead a perfect life.

However, Liz feels something important is missing from her life and that she is a part of a meaningless rat race. She’s not content with her lifestyle and decides to take on a journey to explore and enjoy herself and learns more about herself than she thought she would.

Movie # 2: The Kung Fu Panda Series

One might find it strange that an animated children’s movie is on the list of spiritually awakening movies. However, the Kung Fu Panda series has some of the most thought-provoking and spiritual lessons in them.

Be it Po or the Master Shifu, every character in the movies is complex and has their own struggles that run much deeper than they show. The story begins with Po thinking of himself as an unworthy, common, and average panda who can only dream of becoming a Dragon Warrior.

However, in a strange turn of events, he finds himself becoming the center of attraction of the entire village and learns some life-long lessons from his mentors that make him believe in himself.

Movie # 3: Life Of Pi

Life of Pi is a story of self-discovery, imagination, and the spiritual journey of a young boy named Pi. Pi loses his family in a shipwreck and is the only survivor along with a tiger he names Richard Parker.

Pi’s attraction towards multiple religions and his curiosity helps him survive and discover his inner spiritual self.

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