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Spiritual Wisdom for Life

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Life is like a garden that you need to take care of it

Sopheeyah Gardens provides a spiritual guide that nurtures our body, mind, and soul in life-enhancing ways. I believe that we all deserve a life of excellence because God wants us to have a fruitful life, a life of excellence.

As a spiritual advisor based out of Massachusetts who serves clients worldwide, Elisha offers a comforting and confidential space to review important life issues, and provides spiritual guidance accordingly.

Using her highly tuned intuitive skills, the faith-based life and spiritual coach helps you connect to your spiritual being. Through the process of life coaching, Elisha awakens your consciousness and soul in order to provide spiritual guidance and clarity to life’s journey. Blockages that may be keeping you from the things you want in life are thus removed through Elisha’s faith-based spiritual coaching.

She has spent decades working with individuals of all walks of life, at worst points in their lives, and walked them out of their misery through spiritual life coaching.


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Sopheeyah Gardens


Hi everyone, this is Sopheeyah Gardens with Elisha.

By putting God first in everything you do ( Proverbs 6:3), you allow him to give you direction toward your finding.

Yes family, I’ve seen the Power of  the Lord, I’ve seem amazing in my life and as well as other people that I work with.

Let Sopheeyah Gardens assist to enhance your spirituality wellbeing to find your breakthrough. 

You know, God is our provider and we should trust him for what we need by calling onto him when struggling and heavy burden and we shall find breakthrough ( Matthew 11:28)

At Sopheeyah Gardens we can work with you even if you know nothing about the Bible.

Let’s make the contact and open a welcomed door to an awesome journey with God

Do you feel disconnected?

Many people need help and guidance at different times in their life. They face challenging personal and professional issues. They are not sure which direction to go or even who to talk to.

Do you want a better life?

As human beings, we tend to occasionally get stuck in certain places in our lives, be it from comfort, fear, ignorance, or other factors. We can all benefit from spirit guidance to help us move and direct ourselves in ways that truly maximize our potential.

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