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Frequently Asked Questions

Life & spiritual coach combines life coaching with spiritual coaching to help clients achieve a breakthrough toward life’s challenges. Most issues such as relationships, stress, trauma, career, finances, and developing positive habits can be attaining using the spiritual realm. At Sopheeyah Gardens, we believe that one deserves to seek out solutions for a quality of life

As a life & spiritual, we use our platform to offer guidance using the spiritual realm to help with the physical facts. In most situations, we’re able to uncover valuable details unknown to the client. Here is an example: A client contacted Elisha to help with prayers due to having constant nightmares and headaches. Elisha uncovered other matters relating to a scam business proposal without the client even talking about it. The client followed the advice and called back Elisha about his relative got scammed in the deal with a large sum of money. The beautiful thing is that the client came in for one problem and solved other unknown issues that would have brought about financial hardship. Also, Elisha was able to provide advice with prayers that brought about better sleep. We use the spiritual realm to assist individuals in improving their personal and professional lives. Elisha is unique in her work with her clients because she’ll uncover unknown problems as well as help with prayers malar.

Health and wellness
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One does not need to be religious to contact Sopheeyah Gardens for coaching services. At Sopheeyah Gardens, we believe we are God’s children on earth and that we should love and respect one another; we believe in co-existence. We uniquely work with our clients to achieve their desired goal(s). We advise scriptures quotes and prayers and leave that to the client’s discretion.

Sopheeyah Gardens offers an inclusive platform, and we serve women and men 25- 60 years old. We invite every believer seeking to achieve an excellent life to contact us

Consultations are via phone call or video conference.

Up to 90 minutes/session

Elisha can meet on a one-time session or ongoing coaching sessions.

Sopheeyah Gardens is a spiritual platform that uses the spiritual realm and to assist her clients in achieving their goals, in contrast to a psychic that uses tarot cards, crystal balls, or hands reading.

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